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International Business, B.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences + Global Business Development, M.S. (BA/MS 4+1 Degree Program)

What is it?

The 4+1 program provides advanced undergraduate International Business majors the opportunity to complete the BA in International Business and a MS in Global Business Development in five years.

It will prepare students to start or accelerate careers related to international business development across a wide variety of sectors. As economies continue to be integrated via trade, investment and advanced technology, an increasing number of companies seek qualified global professionals. They seek culturally intelligent individuals capable of employing data-driven and relationship approaches to growing international sales and global business opportunities. The program is designed to provide graduates with the analytical skills, entrepreneurial perspectives, and cross-cultural competencies needed to successfully engage in sales and business development in a global context. Upon completion of the program, students should be competent in leading efforts -- either in established organizations or in their own ventures -- to identify, analyze, assess, and pursue international sales and business opportunities for both U.S. and foreign companies.

Specific Requirements

Students must apply and be admitted to the BA/MS 4+1 degree (BMGBD). Undergraduate International Business students may apply for the program at the end of the junior year with a minimum overall GPA of 3.2 among all completed courses. A GMAT or GRE is not required for admission; however, we do recommend a GMAT or GRE for applicants with an undergraduate GPA of below 3.3.

How it Works

Students who choose the 4+1 program option will begin the M.S. part of the program in the final semester of their senior year by taking two graduate courses. Three graduate courses (B A 676, FIN 654, and MKTG 769) will substitute for three required undergraduate courses (MKTG 376, FIN 329, and B A 405). In the 5th year of this option, students will complete the remainder of the M.S. degree requirements.

Students must achieve at least a 3.0 average in the courses numbered 500 and above and specified on their official program for the 30-unit master's degree. If for any reason a student does not satisfactorily complete the requirements for the Master of Science in Global Business Development degree, they will be awarded the B.A. degree in International Business, upon completion of the requirements for the B.A. degree.

Watch the 4+1 Information Session recording

Current and prospective undergraduate International Business majors can contact us at [email protected] for more information.