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Our Partners

Partner Universities

Nearly a decade ago we instituted a semester abroad requirement, an action which prompted our program to develop university partnerships throughout the world.  While international study is inherently beneficial to students and their studies, we require our students not only to study abroad, but also pursue advanced business coursework taught in their target languages.  These academic requirements are common in business programs in many parts of the world; however, in the U.S., this is still fairly rare. The internationalization of our program is vital as we want to ensure that our students are ready to compete in the global workforce. 

Our goal is for all SDSU International Business students to become proficient in three strategic academic areas: business, language, and cultural studies.  We thank our current university partners for their continuous support and collaboration in this endeavor.  Ultimately, we want to reciprocate the same level of service and support to them and their students; therefore, we welcome questions and conversation. 

For more information on student exchange partnerships, please contact: [email protected]

Internship Partners

Our internship program is unique experience for students to gain relevant experience in the business world. As an important part of the degree program we strive to create quality partnerships with companies around the world. For this reason all of our internships are offered for academic credit and internship sites must internship must adhere to our university criteria for internships. We welcome partnerships, both locally and internationally, with companies, non-profits, and independent internship providers.

The diversity of our program allows companies to find students with interests in many business areas, including: business administration, marketing, finance, management, economics, accounting, and management information systems. International Business students are multi-lingual, with languages and cultural knowledge in one or more of the following: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

In addition, SDSU requires all for credit internship sites to complete a Service Learning Agreement and Site Questionnaire prior to posting a position for students. The Internships can be paid or unpaid, though paid internships are more attractive to our students. 

In order to earn credit for their internship, students must engage in a business related internship with an international component. Projects and tasks should be appropriate for a student intern, while at the same time give the student an opportunity to learn and be involved in projects. The student and supervisor will establish learning goals at the beginning of the internship via a learning plan. Upon completion of the internship we ask the employer to provide a letter confirming hours (minimum 150 hours or 250 for abroad locations) completed by the student and if requested an evaluation.

To begin the process of becoming an approved internship site please email a description of your current internship opportunities to the internship coordinator. Internships are posted on our IB495 International Business Internship course site. We have a rolling application cycle, though typically students search for internships at the beginning of each semester (Fall is late August to mid-Dec. and Spring is late Jan. to mid-May). Internships abroad tend to be more attractive if offered in our summer semester (mid-May to mid-August).

Recruit Our Students

Employment opportunities from qualified organizations can be posted at any time on our International Business LinkedIn page. The department is also happy to help employers recruit from a specific talent pool or group of recent graduates and alumni.

SDSU offers many options for recruiting and connecting with students including:

Throughout the year, we also organize workshops and events giving the opportunity for companies to network with current students.

For more information on internship partnerships and/or recruiting our students, please contact:

Marisela LaPlante
Internship Coordinator, International Business
[email protected]